How it Works

Bizzler runs competitions to create video ads

Step 1 – The Contest is Born

Bizzler works with sponsors to bring each new contest to life. A “Brief” is generated to define the guidelines.
Every contest is unique. The challenge can range from submitting simple videos to creating complete ads. The flow of a typical contest is shown below.

Step 2 – Launch Time

The contest is launched on Bizzler’s website. Anyone residing in the USA and at least 18 years old (or at least 14 years old with parent’s consent) can enter.
The Brief is posted to provide contestants with guidance and inspiration for creating their entries..

Step 3 – Creating the Entry

Contestants create their entries based on guidelines in the Brief. The entries are submitted to Bizzler for review.
There’s no greater joy than seeing your creations come to life.

Step 4 – Judgement Day

Incoming entries are reviewed by Bizzler and posted on the website.
Anyone can view entries, Community members can vote and leave comments.

Step 5 – Finish Line

At the end of each contest, the votes are tallied and prizes are distributed to winners.
Non winners can receive a cash payment for the rights to their entry.


  • Receive rights to winning entries
  • Review non-winning entries and buy the ones they want to use
  • Use community votes and comments to help select entries and improve content prior to release